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Iowa Governor Branstad Puts Smarter Balanced on Hold

KWWL reports that Iowa Governor Terry Branstad has asked the Iowa Department of Education to freeze the move to Smarter Balanced “for now.”

Open Enrollment Deadline – March 1st

March 1st is the deadline to open enroll your child into a different school district in Iowa. If you are considering this do not miss the deadline.

Mary Ellen Miller Spins Iowa State Board’s Smarter Balanced Decision

The Iowa State Board of Education voted to mandate Smarter Balanced Assessment for all school districts next school year replacing the Iowa Assessments.

School Board Elections are Sept. 8th

Find that candidate who will be the lone voice for your child and then lift up that candidate with your support both before and after the election.

Iowa Adopted Subpar Standards for Science

To pursue academic excellence you need the best standards by the best in that field of study, Iowa does not get that with Next Generation Science Standards.

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