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The Scary Guy Is Coming to Cass County

The Scary Guy, a motivaiton speaker known as the “bully who is anti-bullying,” will bring his “edu-tainment” to over 2400 Cass County children for $26,000.


Iowans for Local Control Becomes Iowa RestorEd

When I started Iowans for Local Control I wanted to be part of something bigger.  I wanted it to eventually expand beyond the scope of Common Core to address other items of note when it comes to education policy making in our state. I also wanted the content on this site to be driven by […]


Iowa Withdraws from Smarter Balanced

(Des Moines, Iowa) Today during the School Administrators of Iowa Annual Conference  according to a tweet by one of the attendees Iowa Governor Terry Branstad said Iowa would not pursue further involvement with the Smarter Balanced Assessment Consortium.  Jeff Herzberg, the Chief Administrator for the Prairie Lakes Area Education Agency, tweeted: #saiconf14 @TerryBranstad we must […]