A Fourth Des Moines Middle School Applies for the IB Program

IBDes Moines Public Schools reports that Brody Middle School has applied to become an International Baccalaureate school.  This would be a fourth middle school to adopt the program if they are approved.  Goodrell, Meredith, Gateway Secondary School and Merrill are already offering the Middle Years IB program.  They would close Gateway Secondary School as a result.  If that didn’t happen it would be five IB middle schools at one time.  There are 13 middle schools programs (including Gateway Secondary School, Cowles Montessori School and Moulton Extended Learning Center which are not traditional middle schools) that are part of Des Moines Public Schools.  To have four IB programs is unusually high.  I wrote extensively over at Caffeinated Thoughts about IB earlier this year.

One of my primary schools is that it is anathema to local control, from the IB’s own Programme and Standards manual:

  • The school’s educational beliefs and values must reflect IB philosophy.
  • IB dictates how the school is organized.
  • It dictates resources and support
  • They dictate how planning is done.
  • They also dictate pedagogy, curriculum and how assessments are done.

Read more here.  Are these things the Des Moines School Board should be deciding?  At least parents in the district still have options, but I wonder how long that will last with the district’s love affair with the IB program.

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