Homeschoolers in Iowa Do NOT Need to Consent to Data Mining

The greatest form of local control is parental control in education.  The Nevada Community School District needed to be reminded by the Home School Legal Defense Association that homeschooling parents didn’t need to participate in the data mining the school district is involved in:

Via the HSLDA website shared about contact they had with James Walker the school district’s superintendent:

The Nevada, Iowa, school superintendent sent a letter to Home School Legal Defense Association member family A.S. (and presumably others) asking them to fill out a “Home Schooling Checklist.” He said the school system would then “acknowledge the home schooling application.” The checklist asked the family to identify the race of their children because of “new state ethnicity requirements.” It asked for other information not required by law.

The A.S. family showed the letter to HSLDA Senior Counsel Scott Woodruff. He wrote a letter to the superintendent explaining that homeschool families are not required to identify the race of their children, or complete any of the information on the checklist.

The superintendent promptly wrote back and acknowledged that he would no longer ask homeschoolers to submit the checklist unless they plan to be involved in a school program.

I’m glad he recognized his error.  It’s unfortunate he was ignorant of the law to begin with.

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