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logo-FB-TwitterHi I wanted to take time to welcome you to Iowans for Local Control.  This is a work in progress.   What is Iowans for Local Control?  From our “about us” page

I started this to fight for control of education policy in Iowa and bring it back where it belongs – with parents, communities and their elected school boards.

We want to keep education policy making at home – first and foremost that means parental control.  They are the primary stakeholders in their children’s education, not the Iowa Department of Education or U.S. Department of Education.   We support school choice, but choice that doesn’t have strings attached.

With increasing centralization of education at the state and federal levels parental choice is being marred by state and federal mandates being placed upon public and private schools, creeping into standardized tests that are being required for all students – including homeschooling students, the Iowa Core, increasing infringement on student privacy through data mining, and other education policies that have the potential to move control of education away from homes and communities.  The greatest threat to parental and local control is Iowa’s involvement with the Common Core State Standards.

We also favor local control.   We believe that local school board members who are elected by their community are in the best position to enact education policy, not unelected bureaucrats.

Anyway, though this website is officially being launched today you’ll find some post-dated blog posts.  I’m bringing over, slowly but surely, posts that relate to Iowans for Local Control that I have written elsewhere such as Truth in American Education and Caffeinated Thoughts.  Please be sure to bookmark us, like us, follow us, share us, and subscribe to our RSS feed.

In other words – check back.  Also be sure to subscribe to our email list for legislative alerts and other important updates!

About Shane Vander Hart

Shane Vander Hart founded Iowans for Local Control in 2012 which later merged with Iowa RestorEd. Shane also is the founder and editor-in-chief of Caffeinated Thoughts and the founder and president of 4:15 Communications, LLC, a social media & communications consulting/management firm.  You can connect with Shane on Facebook or follow him on Twitter and Google +.

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