Why Shouldn’t Sioux City Schools Have Flexibility?

scschoolsThe Sioux City Journal reports that Sioux City Community Schools wants to ask state lawmakers to allow them to have the same flexibility as charter schools.

"If charter schools are doing something that’s considered to be better or improving student achievement, why wouldn’t the rest of us want to look at that?" said school board President Mike Krysl.

Charter schools are public schools created by local and state school boards that are typically given more freedom to experiment with alternative teaching programs, like classroom lessons and length of school days.

A traditional public school system — which Sioux City has — is not usually given the same flexibility.

Krysl said charters have failed to take root in Sioux City and Iowa is one of a few states that does not grant charters additional flexibility.

First it is sad that a school board has to practically beg the state to make changes.  Secondly this shows me that the state has been an impediment to innovation.  Get the state out of the way and let local school districts innovate.  They shouldn’t need to ask Des Moines for permission.

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