Here’s a Little Sugar With Your Loss of Local Control


The Des Moines Register reported on the press conference held at the Iowa Department of Education yesterday.  I have to hand it to Jason Glass, he found a way to put a positive spin on a further encroachment on local control if Governor Branstad’s education reform bill passes.

So school districts, if you already meet the minimum salary of $35,000 then you’re ahead of the game!

“Those districts that already have minimum salaries of $35,000 and those districts that already have some form of teacher leadership structure in place … are going to have a head start on those that don’t,” Glass said.

Once the proposal’s minimum requirements have been met, such districts would be able to use any remaining money to hire more staff, add additional teacher leader positions or increase the stipends rewarded to model, mentor and lead teachers, said Ryan Wise, a senior policy fellow with the department.

For example, Des Moines public schools — Iowa’s largest district — would have $6.7 million remaining after meeting the proposal’s minimum requirements, department estimates show.

Let’s forget the fact this will increase education spending by approximately $314 per student and place smaller school districts in a tough position.  Great for larger school districts, but not for smaller districts as the Register points out:

But using the same equation, seven of the state’s 348 districts end up in the hole. For instance, Corwith-Wesley school district in northern Iowa would have a deficit of $20,775, according to department estimates.

Glass said those districts could cost-share or rely on an AEA.  But they shouldn’t have to.

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