What to Do With the Voluntary Preschool Program in Iowa?

preschoolI’m sure I’ll end up drawing different conclusions than what The Des Moines Register does about the voluntary preschool program in Iowa, but I do agree with the final statement in their editorial today.

Before lawmakers consider any new education reforms, they should ensure that the changes they made a few years ago are helping. Preschool is only a wise investment if it reaches those who most need it and improves student achievement in the long run.

The only thing I believe the creation of the voluntary preschool program in Iowa has done is to hurt privately run preschools and take resources away from other areas within public education.  It has been an utter waste of money and it also was another offense to local control.  At the very least they were able to dictate how many kids they took in – something The Des Moines Register’s editorial board is complaining about.  It should be scrapped.

But I’m afraid that the response could end up meaning further mandates when they should be scrapping it all together.  I am also concerned that their is a push to make it mandatory for those children who are deemed “at risk” diminishing parental sovereignty.  This is an issue we need to keep an eye on as the Iowa Legislature starts their new session.

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