Linda Fandel, Purveyor of Common Core Canned Talking Points

Linda Fandel and Jason GlassA reader (last name withheld) forwarded me a reply he received to an email he sent to Governor Terry Branstad about the Common Core State Standards from Linda Fandel, Governor Branstad’s advisor on education policy.

Dear Jim,

Thank you for contacting the office of Gov. Terry E. Branstad regarding your concerns about the Iowa Core/ Common Core. The Iowa Core is intended to assure all Iowa schools give students a globally competitive education while, at the same time, we embark on efforts to raise our academic standards.

The Iowa Core is a set of essential concepts and skills in math, science, English and social studies that all k-12 schools must put in place. In addition, 21st century skills, such as financial literacy and health literacy, are part of this core. The Iowa Core is a curriculum framework, so it will be up to teachers in every school district to create the lessons to deliver these concepts and skills.

In 2010, the Iowa Board of Education adopted the national Common Core State Standards as part of the Iowa Core in English and math. This was another step toward boosting expectations and setting high state standards.

Thank you again for sharing your perspective, and please feel free to contact me in the future with any concerns.


Office of the Governor

Linda Fandel, Special Assistant for Education

So basically they won’t address your concerns.  I think we need to get a little louder.  Maybe if enough people contact the Governor’s office they won’t just send us a brief history and canned talking points.

Photo credit: Iowa Department of Education via Flickr (Public Domain)

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  1. what a stale response. so canned. there has to be intelligent life there.

  2. Brenda Whitney says:

    This is the exact same message I received from them when I sent my e-mail to the Governor… word for word! I sent a thank you to Linda Fandel for her response but told her I didn’t write her, I wrote the Governor and I expect an answer from him as to why Iowa Core/Common Core is so wonderful for our children and why he doesn’t have a problem with the data mining they are going to be doing on our children and using our children as “test subjects” when they talk about wristbands and facial expression cameras. I will let you know if I ever really hear from the Governor himself.

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