If Jason Glass Leaves the Iowa Department of Education…

Jason GlassThe Des Moines Register reported Friday that Iowa Department of Education Director Jason Glass is one of three finalists for the Superintendent position in the Eagle County School District in Colorado.  This is the district where Glass was hired from when appointed to be Iowa’s education chief.

Financially, according to the Register, it would be a good move for him and there would be familiarity with the school district already.  So best of luck to Director Glass if this is something he and his family truly wants.  While I’m sure it will have its own set of headaches I can’t imagine having to navigate education reform in Iowa with a divided legislature has been easy.

While Director Glass and I haven’t see eye to eye all the time, I do appreciate his approachability and willingness to engage in conversation and debate.  I also appreciate the Department’s approach to the educational liberty items in the current education reform bill.  Under previous leadership with the Culver administration we would have seen the Department lobby against homeschooling and private school measures.  That hasn’t been the case the last two sessions and I credit Director Glass’ and Governor Branstad’s leadership for that.

There is a question of what will happen should Director Glass take the position.  It does provide an opportunity.  Director Glass has been a champion of the Common Core State Standards, the next Director may not be.  That is a question the Senate can ask during a confirmation hearing.  It also may provide an opportunity to take a pause and evaluate whether the Common Core State Standards, Next Generation Science Standards and C3 Framework for Social Studies State Standards are the way to go.

Or it could go the opposite way and we get a Director who is gung ho about the Common Core State Standards, not as friendly toward homeschoolers and private education and is unapproachable.

But we really don’t know for sure, and Jason Glass hasn’t been offered the position so this is obviously premature speculation.  That said, he would certainly be a quality candidate and I have a hard time seeing a school district pass up a person who has led a state department of education.  But as the saying goes – don’t count your chickens before they’re hatched.

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