The School Start Battle Begins Again

Well we are barely into summer and we’re already having the school start date battle once again.

The Quad Cities Times reports:

Gov. Terry Branstad says the rules governing school start dates in Iowa are “too lax.”

Branstad told reporters Monday that the existing policy hurts summer tourism in the state and that he expects to see some changes made by the Department of Education.

Under current Iowa law, schools are supposed to start the week that includes Sept. 1. But nearly all districts apply for and get waivers to start earlier in August.

Gary Slater, manager of the Iowa State Fair, is lead a group that just filed a petition with the Iowa Department of Education requesting tougher enforcement of the law.

To that I say let school boards determine when school starts.  If parents have a problem with it, they can take it up with them.  The state sets the amount of days of required instructional time do they really need to micromanage when that starts?

Evidently the Governor does.

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