The Delphi Technique & Task Forces

Below is an except from an article on The Delphi Technique that shows how facilitators lead groups like “task forces” and “focus groups” in order to achieve a pre-determined outcome.

…If 50 people write down their ideas  individually, to be compiled later into a final outcome, no one knows what anyone else has written.  That the final outcome of such a meeting reflects anyone’s input at all is highly questionable, and the same holds true when the facilitator records the group’s comments on paper.  But participants in these types of meetings usually don’t question the process. 

Why hold such meetings at all if the outcomes are already established?  The answer is because it is imperative for the acceptance of the School-to-Work agenda, or the environmental agenda, or whatever the agenda, that ordinary people assume ownership of the preset outcomes. If people believe an idea is theirs, they’ll support it.  If they believe an idea is being forced on them, they’ll resist. 

The Delphi Technique is being used very effectively to change our government from a representative form in which elected individuals represent the people, to a “participatory democracy” in which citizens selected at large are facilitated into ownership of preset outcomes.  These citizens believe that their input is important to the result, whereas the reality is that the outcome was already established by people not apparent to the participants.

Gee does this sound familiar? (Think Next Generation Science Standards Task Force)

HT: Mercedes Schneider

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