Achieve Did the Iowa Core–Common Core Alignment Study

It pointed out here that with the Next Generation Science Standards task force the Iowa Department of Education staff involved led the task force to a pre-determined outcome.

Witnessing that process shed some light on what the process for adopting the Common Core State Standards must have been like prior to the Iowa State Board of Education adopting them on July 29, 2010.

Below is exhibit A of how the process blatantly lacked transparency.  My friend Heather found the document below digging around on the Iowa Department of Education website.  Prior to the state board of education making a decision, the Iowa Department of Education commissioned an alignment study to be done.

Achieve did the study and they found the Iowa Core to be 90% in alignment.

Achieve who wrote the Common Core State Standards did Iowa’s alignment study?  What a blatant conflict of interest!  Well shoot since they are 90% in alignment we might as well adopt the Common Core State Standards then!  Iowa citizens and legislators must call foul and call into question how well Iowa’s standards really did align to the Common Core as this has been used as an argument for adoption and implementation.

You can read the document here or below.

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