Common Core Bills Need Cosponsors, You Can Help


Concerned Women for America – Iowa urges Iowans to contact their legislators about co-sponsoring legislation that has not been filed yet.

We’ll echo that.  Here are the bills that are drafted, but not yet filed:

  1. State  Representative Sandy Salmon (R-Janesville) is sponsoring a bill that would make the Iowa Core (which includes the Common Core) voluntary.  This would restore local control to school districts.  They can choose to continue their participation or they can opt to save money by not participating.
  2. State Representatives Salmon and Tedd Gassman (R-Scarville) are co-sponsoring a bill that would require Iowa to exit the Smarter Balanced Consortium.
  3. State Representatives Salmon and Gassman are co-sponsoring a bill that will return local control to school districts by allowing district school boards to set standards removing the State Board of Education from the process.  It will also prohibit the State Board from adopting the Next Generation Science Standards.
  4. State Representative Larry Sheets (R-Moulton) is sponsoring a bill that would prevent the Iowa Department of Education from entering contracts.
  5. State Representative Jason Schultz (R-Schleswig) has a bill that would stop the collection of students’ non-academic data.

Call your representative at 515-281-3221 on Monday or e-mail today and over the weekend and ask that they co-sponsor the five bills listed. You can find out who your legislators are by going to

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Shane Vander Hart founded Iowans for Local Control in 2012 which later merged with Iowa RestorEd. Shane also is the founder and editor-in-chief of Caffeinated Thoughts and the founder and president of 4:15 Communications, LLC, a social media & communications consulting/management firm.  You can connect with Shane on Facebook or follow him on Twitter and Google +.


  1. I’m just going to print this out and HAND it to them because I will be seeing Jeff Smith and Dave Johnson tomorrow!

  2. I’M ON IT!!!

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