2014 Iowa Legislative Session Timetable


The 2014 Iowa Legislative timetable has been released by the Legislative Services Agency.  Some of the key dates:

  • 1/13/14 – First day of session
  • 2/21/14 – First funnel date (bills must be out of committee)
  • 3/14/14 – Second funnel date (bills must be out of committee)
  • 3/24/14 – Only bills that can be considered after this date are:
    • Bills passed by both Houses
    • Appropriations Bills
    • Ways and Means Bills
    • Government Oversight Bills
    • Legalizing Acts
    • Administrative Rules Review Committee Bills
    • Committee Bills related to delayed or suspended Administrative Rules [Iowa Code Sec. 17A.8 (9)]
    • Bills co-sponsored by Majority and Minority Leaders of one House.
    • Conference Committee Reports
    • Companion Bills sponsored by Senate and House Majority Leaders
    • Concurrent or Simple Resolutions
    • Joint Resolutions nullifying Administrative Rules
    • Bills on the Veto Calendar (Joint Rule 23)
    • Unfinished Business
  • 4/22/14 – Per diem expenses for legislators end (so this is the targeted end date)

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