QC Times’ Poor Defense of Common Core

The Quad-City Times published an editorial yesterday that is so shallow and uninformed it is barely worth commenting on.

Here’s the jist…

  • Iowa Governor Terry Branstad – good, reasonable, involved with the National Governor’s Association.  Supports Common Core.
  • Glenn Beck – crazy, entertainer, not somebody we should trust.  Against Common Core.
Since Glenn Beck is against Common Core, and Governor Branstad supports, according to the editorial board’s logic, then the Common Core is good.
Are you kidding me?  First the entire opposition is not represented by Glenn Beck.  At least discuss local opposition if nothing else.  I don’t even agree with all that Glenn Beck says about the Common Core, and the opposition is much, much, much broader than that. This editorial shows me they did zero research into the opposing view.
But yes, let’s just spout those NGA/Achieve/Gates talking points instead of doing some actual research.
At the very least they could have attended a forum last fall that had 70 of their residents attend in Davenport.  Perhaps they would have learned something.
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Shane Vander Hart founded Iowans for Local Control in 2012 which later merged with Iowa RestorEd. Shane also is the founder and editor-in-chief of Caffeinated Thoughts and the founder and president of 4:15 Communications, LLC, a social media & communications consulting/management firm.  You can connect with Shane on Facebook or follow him on Twitter and Google +.


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