HF 2205 (Common Core Roll Back Bill) Subcommittee Meeting Thursday

State Rep. Larry Sheets

State Rep. Larry Sheets

I just learned this morning about a new bill – HF 2205 which is similar to HF 2204 and SF 2123 in essence rolls back the Iowa Core to the 2006 standards which were the original 9th-12th grade standards in English, math and science passed by the Iowa Legislature.  The bill was introduced by State Representative Larry Sheets (R-Moulton).  It is co-sponsored by State Representatives Dean Fisher (R-Garwin), Greg Heartsill (R-Melcher-Dallas), Ralph Watts (R-Adel), Dwayne Alons (R-Hull), Stan Gustafson (R-Cumming), Tedd Gassman (R-Scarville), Tom Shaw (R-Laurens), Sandy Salmon (R-Denver), Dave Maxwell (R-Gibson), and Guy Vander Linden (R-Oskaloosa).

HF 2204 still has not been assigned a subcommittee, HF 2205 has.  The subcommittee which will meet on Thursday, February 20th at 11:00a in Room 19 in the State Capitol Building.  The committee consists of:

The House switchboard is (515) 281-3221.

Remember that the funnel deadline is this Friday.  Please be respectful and ask them to support this bill.  I’d also encourage you to discuss with Representative Mascher the disappointing email she sent out last week:

Finally, Republicans brought in out-of-state, tea party “experts” to talk about ending Iowa’s efforts to boost student achievement.  Educators have been working on the Iowa Core for the last five years.  A great deal of effort has been devoted to identifying state standards for students that are both rigorous and relevant for the 21st Century.  Republican legislators are echoing misconceptions about the Core and trying to dismantle all of our efforts to improve student learning.

She has a problem with out-of-state experts being brought in to provide testimony on the Common Core which is part of the Iowa Core and Smarter Balanced Assessments (yesterday’s testimony on HF 2140 was all from in-state by the way), but doesn’t have a problem with the Iowa State Board of Education adopting a set of standards written by out-of-state groups and adopting an assessment developed by mostly outsiders?  This is simply inconsistent.

Also I am disappointed that she is turning this into a partisan debate.  There is plenty of Democrat opposition to the Standards in states like New York, New Jersey and New Mexico.  Perhaps she should talk with some of those folks.  Also I’m not sure everybody who testified last Wednesday can accurately be labeled “Tea Party,” not that it really matters.  We could have just as easily brought in Diane Ravitch and Paul Horton who are both liberal and against the Common Core (which we would certainly be open to doing). Unfortunately this is a tactic employed by some who advocate for the Common Core.  They’d rather spout talking points, try to pretend the Common Core is not part of the Iowa Core, and label those they disagree with rather than actually discuss the issue.

Update: Since time is short we should contact all of the members of the House Education Committee:

Here is a flyer that you can either use as talking points or forward on to members of the House Education Committee.  I would encourage you to focus on the quality of the standards.  Also be sure to emphasize that the Common Core State Standards provide the foundation for the Iowa Core Math and ELA standards.

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