The Scary Guy Is Coming to Cass County

C1315001The Cass County Child Abuse Prevention Council  is declaring the 2014-2015 school year: “Violence Prevention in Cass County Schools”.  In honor of this declaration they have invited a man named The Scary Guy, his legal name, to speak to the 2,400+ children, school staff, community leaders and parents in Cass County.

As a parent of school aged children, “The Scary Guy” piqued my interest with some questions. These questions have led me on a journey to find the answers.  The Scary Guy, who is also called “The Bully who is Anti-Bullying” states on his website that his mission is the “total elimination of hate, violence, and prejudice worldwide, and that he has dedicated his life to teaching the concepts of Awareness, Understanding, Acceptance, and Love.” The way that he presents his message or as he calls it “Edu-tainment” uses a “shock and awe” approach including but not limited to rubbing his belly and playing with his belly button in an obscene way, vomiting up apples, and calling out people in the audience who may not appear ‘normal’ such as “that geek in the wheelchair”.

I spoke to a school administrator, from Minnesota, who had the unpleasant experience of having The Scary Guy speak at his school.  This administrator stated that The Scary Guy is “very, very crude and completely inappropriate for children.”  This middle school principal went on to say that “Scary”, undermined his authority by biting the top of his bald head in front of his entire school audience.  In addition, while Scary was shaking hands with middle school students and in front of this principal, Scary proclaimed to the students that “that was the best sex I’ve had all day.”  It is because of these experiences that The Scary Guy was not invited back to this school in Minnesota.

The Scary Guy has been known to charge as much as $6500 per day.  The majority of his $26,000 payment for visiting Cass County has been donated by citizens and organizations within the community.  It will be paid in full long before he ever steps foot in any of the Cass County schools, giving him free reign to do whatever he wants.  What does this community get in return?

There is no evidence of any long term impact that he has made in k-12 schools despite his hefty price tag, although he does leave behind a 5 year curriculum. This curriculum is not available for viewing on his web-site, was written by his wife Cathryn and is based on The Scary Guys “theories and concepts”.  Scary has been teaching his “theories and concepts” to audiences worldwide in the form of  “edu-tainment” since 1998 and has reached over 10 million people with his “shock and awe” presentations. Yet, 16 years and 10+ million people later there is no data that shows what he is doing is decreasing let alone “eliminating the incidences of violence, hate and prejudice …”

Hate can not be eliminated with hate given under the guise of “A Mind Walker, A Prophet of Peace or Pure Love” as The Scary Guy has also been called.  As for me, I am considering the advice given from the Minnesota school principal to keep my children home the day of The Scary Guy’s “edu-tainment” performance.


  1. Leslie Beck says:

    Thank you, Emily, for taking the time to research this so parents can make an informed decision. I would not want my children to attend this program either.

  2. Shane Vander Hart says:

    Good information Emily! The Scary Guy seems pretty scary indeed, but not for the reasons he gives.

  3. $6,500 a DAY?!?! That’s almost as much as a guest-host on Caffeinated Thoughts Radio makes. Seriously, this guy should be filed as reason number 4,582 that I’m glad we homeschool. Somebody didn’t do their research, here.


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