Kids Can Refuse the Iowa Youth Survey at Any Time

just-say-noI wanted to follow-up on Leslie’s great post on the Iowa Youth Survey.  A parent mentioned to me that Prairie City-Monroe School District sent out a parent letter that indicated a parental opt-out form had to be turned back in by September 22nd.

I’m not sure why they included an arbitrary deadline, a student should be able to return it the day of.  I’m sure this is a source of confusion.  Page two of the letter below does state students can refuse.

That begs the question how many students will actually do that?  I think it’s better if parents take a proactive approach here and opt their students out, especially if they are in 6th or 8th grade.  If for some reason, if your school set an arbitrary deadline like PCM, call the school and tell them no.  Your right to refusal should be applied anytime prior to the survey being administered.  Also instruct your student to say no and if they are asked why just have them blame you.

The Hatch Amendment (Protection of Pupil Rights Amendment) requires parental consent for surveys such as this, not a parental opt-out.  There was a loophole however since this survey is not funded by the U.S. Department of Education, but the Tiahrt Amendment of 2002 extended this to all surveys, not just ones funded by the U.S. Department of Education.

Here is the letter: PCM Parent Letter on Iowa Youth Survey.

Here is a list of the schools participating (minus Ankeny and Adel-DeSoto-Minburn)

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