QC Times: Branstad Has Kept a Lid Common Core Opponents

branstadJust a couple quick thoughts about the Quad City Times endorsement of Governor Terry Branstad on Sunday.  This jumped out at me right away.

This time, we endorse a five-term incumbent who has helped the state accelerate through a sluggish recovery, learned a thing or two about education reform while keeping a lid on tea party conservatives that have cobbled Republican administrations elsewhere. (emphasis mine)

Now they don’t specifically say Common Core opponents, but honestly I don’t know who else they could be talking about.  Regarding the “cobbled Republican administrations elsewhere” I can only assume they are referring to Indiana Governor Mike Pence, South Carolina Governor Nikki Haley, Oklahoma Governor Mary Fallin, North Carolina Governor Pat McCrory and Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal.  These governors have either signed repeal bills (withholding comment on the quality of said repeal), review and replace bills, or an executive order with teeth.

No mention of Missouri Governor Jay Nixon who signed Missouri’s repeal and replace bill or New York Governor Andrew Cuomo who says he won’t count Common Core testing scores for at least five years.

Nope because this just has to be a partisan issue in the minds of the QC Times editorial board.

This is not surprising given their inane defense of the Common Core earlier this year.  It’s quite clear they still don’t know anything about this issue.  In the ten months since their editorial about the Common Core they remain ignorant – how sad.

They must have missed that 56% of Tennessee teachers want to abandon Common Core, they must be inundated with Tea Partiers.  New York must be filled with tea party conservatives.

Branstad didn’t put a lid on tea party conservatives.  He felt pressure (did they forget the executive order he signed?  Granted nothing’s happened with it yet, but it was in response to pressure) and this editorial just provides motivation to bring more pressure to bear.  It’s coming.  Don’t worry.

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  1. Tracy Dyar says:

    I think the lid is going to come off. 😉

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