14 Reasons to Repeal Common Core from Iowa Core

iowa-core-is-common-coreWhy do we want to see Iowa repeal the Common Core Math and English/Language Arts & Literacy Standards and return to our previous standards?  Here are fourteen reasons.

  1. Common Core early elementary standards are developmentally inappropriate.
  2. Common Core encourages teaching to the test and contributes to the high-stakes testing environment.
  3. Common Core stifles creativity in the classroom.
  4. Common Core reduces the amount of literature/fiction reading to allow for increased focus on informational texts.
  5. Common Core focuses on training future worker bees for corporations rather than teaching to the child and feeding his/her soul.
  6. Common Core promotes crony capitalism at the expense of our children.
  7. Common Core broadens the gap between the haves and have not – parents who have the means will get tutors, move to private schools or homeschool, leaving poorer families in a flawed system.
  8. Common Core brings with it data privacy concerns in light of the U.S. Department of Education gutting privacy protections.
  9. Common Core are untested standards and an untested approach to education reform.
  10. Common Core will not prepare students for STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) fields of study or careers.
  11. The focus on Common Core encourages a shift toward standards-based grading and teaching that is ineffective.
  12. Math curriculum aligned to Common Core shifts from traditional instruction to reform/fuzzy methods to accommodate standards.
  13. Common Core reduces local input in school decisions.
  14. There is less time for non-Common Core activities in the school day (such as recess, field trips, the arts, etc.).

The reasons above are commonly mentioned as objections to Common Core.  Not every school or every parent may see all of these issues as a problem or even agree with every statement. Focus on those that resonate with you and make sure you understand those issues and how they play out.  Iowa Core as Common Core is just beginning its  implementation and different schools are at different stages and react to Iowa Core in different ways.  Some schools embrace it and others may find ways around certain things especially since we do not yet have an assessment that is completely aligned to the Common Core.

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