Clarification on Senator Zaun’s Common Core Bill – SF 16

State Senator Brad Zaun

State Senator Brad Zaun

State Senator Brad Zaun (R-Urbandale) filed SF 16 last week.  I looked at it a little more closely and I don’t believe I described it adequately in my earlier article on current education bills.  SF 16 scraps “Iowa core curriculum” language (which is what Iowa’s standards were originally called).  It instead calls for assessment standards that are identical to the ones approved in 2006 for No Child Left Behind.

So if passed this bill would roll Iowa’s standards back to what they were pre-Common Core, eliminate Iowa’s standards for social studies, 21st century skills and (I’ll have to check my timeline) eliminate the K-8 standards.  The original Iowa Core was math, English and science standards for 9-12th grade.   It may even be the same language as last year’s bill, SF 2123, but I don’t have that in front of me to compare.

It’s probably still destined to die in subcommittee as all Republican-bills tend to do in this Democrat-led Senate.

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