Open Enrollment Deadline – March 1st

>Rainer Zenz (CC-By-SA 3.0)

Rainer Zenz (CC-By-SA 3.0)

March 1st is the deadline to open enroll your child into a different school district in Iowa. If you even think you may want to do this for any reason, do not miss this deadline.  It is my understanding that exceptions are NOT made except for extreme circumstances. Also, districts with a diversity plan often do not allow students to open enroll out of their district if diversity rules are not met.

Many homeschool families open enroll into a different district that may offer better homeschool services and programs.  Families also may just prefer a nearby district to their resident district.  Bottom line is that you do not want to miss this deadline.  Incoming Kindergarteners have until Sept. 1 however all other grades must have paperwork in by March 1st.


  1. Shane Vander Hart says:

    Hey Leslie, you are right that school districts with diversity plans (which only include Des Moines and Waterloo) have criteria. Basically a family has to demonstrate that they qualify for free or reduced lunches. It used to be based on race, but a recent Supreme Court decision forced these districts to change their criteria.

  2. Leslie Beck says:

    I did also confirm with the Iowa DOE that the deadline actually March 2nd (Monday) since the 1st falls on a Sunday – I don’t want anyone stressing out this weekend if they somehow missed getting their paperwork in today. – Leslie

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