About Us

logo-largerIowa RestorEd is a grassroots coalition of parents and citizens who want to restore Iowa to its top in the nation status in K-12 education.

Our Focus:

  • Restore Iowa to its top in the nation status
  • Restore teacher autonomy in the classroom
  • Reduce or eliminate the use of standardized tests to evaluate teacher performance
  • Allow teachers to focus more on teaching by reducing reporting and record-keeping requirements
  • Allow for more variability in learning styles, teaching styles and pacing/speed of learning
  • Restore the autonomy of local districts to make decisions that fit their students’ needs by allowing districts to set their own learning goals which may or may not include a standards based teaching model
  • Encourage and assist the state of Iowa in freeing themselves from federal dollars from the Department of Education
  • Advocate for educational approaches that support special needs students
  • Advocate for the ability of families to choose whatever educational option best meets their needs (public school, open enrollment, dual enrollment, homeschool, private school, etc.)

While there are a variety of issues attached to the above goals, we do believe that the following are some key first steps:

  • Elimination of Common Core State Standards in the Iowa Core
  • Prevent the adoption of the Next Generation Science Standards in the Iowa Core
  • Make the Iowa Core standards optional for those districts who submit a feasible alternative plan – the burden of proof that the plan is not feasible would rest on the Iowa DOE and not the district
  • Educate Iowans on the benefits of alternative learning approaches that do not include a standards based teaching model

You can contact us below:

Iowa RestorEd
P.O. Box 57184
Des Moines, IA 50317
(515) 650-3686
You can send us an email by using the form below.