Mary Ellen Miller Spins Iowa State Board’s Smarter Balanced Decision

The Iowa State Board of Education voted to mandate Smarter Balanced Assessment for all school districts next school year replacing the Iowa Assessments.

Iowa State BOE Unanimous Vote to Recommend Smarter Balanced Doesn’t Mean the Fight is Over Yet.

I attended the Board of Education meeting on Thursday, August 6th in order to witness if some  of the hard work I have done the last two years of showing everyone from our Superintendent to the Governor  how the SBAC’s cost, content and loss of local control would hurt Iowa,  actually might pay off.  Well, no surprise, my repetitive […]

Iowa State Board of Ed Decides It Can Select New Assessment

At its June retreat the Iowa State Board of Education decided it had the authority to change Iowa’s assessment from the Iowa Assessments to Smarter Balanced

Common Core Related Bills Still Live in Iowa House

The Iowa House Education Committee is scheduled to meet today and there are three bills related to assessments and standards that could be considered.

The Smarter Balanced Assessment Was Created for Teacher Evaluations

The grant funding Smarter Balance Assessment development required that the test be specifically created to produce data to evaluate teachers and principals.

Update: (Canceled) Important House Education Committee Meeting on Smarter Balanced

The Iowa House Education Committee will hear a presentation on Smarter Balanced on Wednesday, February 25, 2015 at 1:00p in Room 102 in the Capitol Building.

Iowa State Board of Education Endorses Smarter Balanced

The Iowa State Board of Education passed a resolution endorsing the Smarter Balanced Assessments, but it is ultimately up to the Iowa Legislature to decide.

14 Reasons to Repeal Common Core from Iowa Core

Why do we want to see Iowa repeal the Common Core Math and English/Language Arts & Literacy Standards and return to our previous standards?  Here are fourteen reasons. Common Core early elementary standards are developmentally inappropriate. Common Core encourages teaching to the test and contributes to the high-stakes testing environment. Common Core stifles creativity in the […]

Ankeny for Student Achievement to Host Forum on Iowa Core

Ankeny parents establish a group dedicated to advancing excellence in student education hosts first informational forum on Iowa Core (Common Core) What is Iowa Core (Common Core)? How Will It Impact Education in Ankeny? When:  November 15, Saturday, 12:00 to 1:30 pm Where:  Ankeny Kirkendall Library, 1210 NW Prairie Ridge Guest speaker: Shane Vander Hart […]

QC Times: Branstad Has Kept a Lid Common Core Opponents

Just a couple quick thoughts about the Quad City Times endorsement of Governor Terry Branstad on Sunday.  This jumped out at me right away. This time, we endorse a five-term incumbent who has helped the state accelerate through a sluggish recovery, learned a thing or two about education reform while keeping a lid on tea […]