Parent Interviews for Building the Machine

HSLDA released Part 2 of their Common Core documentary Building The Machine.  I just finished watching it this morning.  They focus on New York parents since that state has been ahead of everyone else in terms of implementation.  It would have been good to hear from some Kentucky parents as well, but you get a […]

Iowa Withdraws from Smarter Balanced

(Des Moines, Iowa) Today during the School Administrators of Iowa Annual Conference  according to a tweet by one of the attendees Iowa Governor Terry Branstad said Iowa would not pursue further involvement with the Smarter Balanced Assessment Consortium.  Jeff Herzberg, the Chief Administrator for the Prairie Lakes Area Education Agency, tweeted: #saiconf14 @TerryBranstad we must […]

Governor Branstad: We Want Iowa Common Core Standards….

The National Governors Association met and the Common Core State Standards was not on the agenda.  This is definitely an indicator of growing opposition, as the outgoing chair of the NGA, Oklahoma Gov. Mary Fallin, signed a bill repealing the Common Core. Iowa Gov. Terry Branstad was widely quoted over the weekend on the Common […]

Glenn Beck’s We Will Not Conform Event is Coming to Iowa

I just wrote about this over at Truth in American Education, but I thought I’d do a cross-post here. Glenn Beck is hosting a live primetime simulcast event in 700 movie theaters across the country called “We Will Not Conform: A Night to Make Common Core History” on 7/22 at 7:00p CT.  It will be […]

The Iowa House Passed HF 2439, What Does It Do?

HF 2439 passed out of the Iowa House 96-0 on Monday, and from what I have heard it has a good shot of surviving the 2nd funnel deadline in the Senate. What does HF 2439 authored by State Representative Ron Jorgensen (R-Sioux City) actually do? As you might guess a bill that garners widespread bipartisan […]

Iowa’s Smarter Balanced MOU: Why It Matters

There has been considerable debate regarding several bills aimed at keeping Common Core out of Iowa. Opponents of Common Core argue that local control of education and Common Core are not compatible, however the Iowa Board of Education, the governor’s office and many legislators are adamant that we are maintaining local control through Iowa Core […]

Why the Iowa State Board of Education Should Not Set Standards

One of the complaints that a staffer with the Iowa Department of Education had during Monday’s subcommittee meeting on HF 2140  (which unfortunately did not pass as Salmon voted in favor, Forristall and Steckman voted against) expressed was that it took the ability of the State Board of Education to set standards in response to […]

HF 2205 (Common Core Roll Back Bill) Subcommittee Meeting Thursday

I just learned this morning about a new bill – HF 2205 which is similar to HF 2204 and SF 2123 in essence rolls back the Iowa Core to the 2006 standards which were the original 9th-12th grade standards in English, math and science passed by the Iowa Legislature.  The bill was introduced by State […]

Common Core Legislation Update 2-16-14

I just wanted to give you a brief update on the status of several bills related to the Common Core State Standards and Iowa Core. HF 2141 – This bill would have removed Iowa from the Smarter Balanced Assessment Consortium.  It died in subcommittee.  State Representative Sandy Salmon (R-Denver) supported it and State Representatives Josh […]

Support SF 2123: the Iowa Senate’s Common Core Rollback Bill

State Senator Brad Zaun (R-Urbandale) introduced SF 2123 which would effectively rollback the Common Core State Standards in Iowa. The key language is this: Adopt a set of core content assessment standards applicable to all students in grade twelve in every school district and accredited nonpublic school.  For the purposes of this subsection, “core content […]