Common Core Forum in Des Moines This Tuesday!

Concerned Women for America of Iowa is hosting a forum this Tuesday, February 11 starting at 6:30p.  It will be held at the Airport Holiday Inn & Conference Center (6111 Fleur Dr., Des Moines, IA). Find out why the Republican National Committee and the Republican Party of Iowa passed a Resolution to Stop Common Core, […]

Stop Common Core Legislation Introduced in the Iowa House

State Representative Tedd Gassman (R-Scarville) introduced a bill, HF 2141, that directs the Iowa Department of Education to pull out of the Smarter Balanced Assessment Consortium.  It has been cosponsored by State Representatives Sandy Salmon (R-Denver), Dwayne Alons (R-Hull), Larry Sheets (R-Moulton), Greg Heartsill (R-Columbia), Dave Maxwell (R-Gibson), Tom Shaw (R-Laurens), John Landon (R-Ankeny), Ralph […]

Common Core Bills Need Cosponsors, You Can Help

Concerned Women for America – Iowa urges Iowans to contact their legislators about co-sponsoring legislation that has not been filed yet. We’ll echo that.  Here are the bills that are drafted, but not yet filed: State  Representative Sandy Salmon (R-Janesville) is sponsoring a bill that would make the Iowa Core (which includes the Common Core) […]

No Governor Branstad Did Not Reject the Common Core

I had a Eastern Iowa resident contact me last week to discuss a tele-townhall he participated in with Governor Terry Branstad.  He said he was asked about the Common Core and Branstad replied, “I rejected the Common Core.” During his press conference on Monday when he discussed progress made on the education reform package passed […]

QC Times’ Poor Defense of Common Core

The Quad-City Times published an editorial yesterday that is so shallow and uninformed it is barely worth commenting on. Here’s the jist… Iowa Governor Terry Branstad – good, reasonable, involved with the National Governor’s Association.  Supports Common Core. Glenn Beck – crazy, entertainer, not somebody we should trust.  Against Common Core. Since Glenn Beck is against […]

Work to Stop Common Core at the Iowa Caucus

Attend the 2014 Iowa Caucus to add stop Common Core and Next Generation Science Standards planks to your party’s platform.

Achieve Did the Iowa Core–Common Core Alignment Study

It pointed out here that with the Next Generation Science Standards task force the Iowa Department of Education staff involved led the task force to a pre-determined outcome. Witnessing that process shed some light on what the process for adopting the Common Core State Standards must have been like prior to the Iowa State Board […]

Despite Executive Order, Common Core Proceeds Full Steam Ahead in Iowa

In case anyone is under any illusions that the Common Core State Standards were being repealed due to Governor Terry Branstad’s executive order.  A video message from Dr. Brad Buck, director of the Iowa Department of Education, should put those notions to rest.  Common Core is being implemented as we speak. You can watch his […]

Coming to Davenport: Rotten to the (Common) Core

I will be coming to Davenport on Tuesday, October 29th for Rotten to the (Common) Core. Have you ever wondered what Common Core was? Why are people protesting this? Will it affect my children if they are in private or home schooled? What is data mining? Aren’t standardized tests supposed to be good? Get answers […]

Just to Reiterate: Branstad Is Not Stopping the Common Core

“Wait, wait… I thought Governor Branstad has rejected the federal Common Core?” Nope, not quite as Mike Wiser reports at The Sioux City Journal (and we told you yesterday). “What we’re saying is this: We want to make sure this is an Iowa academic standard and the needs of our state are not going to […]