Is Increasing Teacher Pay a Good Idea?

One key piece of the education reform plan Governor Terry Branstad and the Iowa Legislature will discuss is increasing teacher pay, is this a good idea?

Legislature Abdicated Standards to Iowa State Board of Education

Getting Iowa out of the Common Core won’t do much good if the authority of the Iowa State Board of Education isn’t taken away by the Iowa Legislature.

What to Do With the Voluntary Preschool Program in Iowa?

Watch for the upcoming debate on what to do with the voluntary preschool program in Iowa. Will the State Legislature do nothing, cut it or double down?

Business Leaders Inject Themselves In Iowa Education Reform Debate

The Des Moines Register reports that business leaders will start lobbying for education reform efforts in when the Iowa General Assembly starts their new session. The partnership is organizing the summit along with the Iowa Chamber Alliance, the Iowa Association of Business and Industry and the Iowa Business Council. The groups expect up to 150 […]

Homeschoolers in Iowa Do NOT Need to Consent to Data Mining

The greatest form of local control is parental control in education.  The Nevada Community School District needed to be reminded by the Home School Legal Defense Association that homeschooling parents didn’t need to participate in the data mining the school district is involved in: Via the HSLDA website shared about contact they had with James […]

Why Shouldn’t Sioux City Schools Have Flexibility?

The Sioux City Journal reports that Sioux City Community Schools wants to ask state lawmakers to allow them to have the same flexibility as charter schools. "If charter schools are doing something that’s considered to be better or improving student achievement, why wouldn’t the rest of us want to look at that?" said school board […]

A Fourth Des Moines Middle School Applies for the IB Program

Des Moines Public Schools reports that Brody Middle School has applied to become an International Baccalaureate school.  This would be a fourth middle school to adopt the program if they are approved.  Goodrell, Meredith, Gateway Secondary School and Merrill are already offering the Middle Years IB program.  They would close Gateway Secondary School as a […]

Iowa Cost to Implement Common Core State Standards?

A new study of the costs to implement the Common Core State Standards in the different states. The total price tag is $16 Billion how much is Iowa’s share?

Iowa Core Flunks History

The Thomas B. Fordham Institute flunked the Iowa Core in their review of U.S. History standards of all 50 states.