Iowa Adopted Subpar Standards for Science

To pursue academic excellence you need the best standards by the best in that field of study, Iowa does not get that with Next Generation Science Standards.

Did the Science Standards Review Team Ignore Public Feedback?

The Science Standards Review Team decided to use the Next Generation Science Standards as the basis for their final recommendation to the Iowa State Board of Education.

Who is the Parent Anyway?

Leslie Beck: When education decisions are made at the state or federal levels what we gain in economies of scale, we lose in local and parental control.

Public Input for Next Generation Science Standards Sought

The Iowa Department of Education announced last week that it is seeking public input about Next Generation Science Standards. Academic standards represent expectations for what students should know and be able to do from kindergarten through high school. Iowa’s academic standards are being reviewed, starting with science, as part of Executive Order 83. “We want to […]

Common Core Bills Need Cosponsors, You Can Help

Concerned Women for America – Iowa urges Iowans to contact their legislators about co-sponsoring legislation that has not been filed yet. We’ll echo that.  Here are the bills that are drafted, but not yet filed: State  Representative Sandy Salmon (R-Janesville) is sponsoring a bill that would make the Iowa Core (which includes the Common Core) […]

Iowa’s Focus Should Be on Educating Children, Not Training Worker Bees

I want to respond to some of the comments on yesterday’s Des Moines Register article on the Next Generation Science Standards. Those in favor of national standards are missing the point of why opponents are against them. To clarify, technically, they are not national standards. Each state decides whether to adopt them however if you […]

Work to Stop Common Core at the Iowa Caucus

Attend the 2014 Iowa Caucus to add stop Common Core and Next Generation Science Standards planks to your party’s platform.

One Parent’s Perspective on the Next Generation Science Standards Task Force Meeting

Below is a guest article from a parent, Emily Rouse from SW Iowa, who sat in on the last Next Generation Science Standards Task Force meeting.  Like me she was less than impressed with the format and the “transparency.” By Emily Rouse Eight states have adopted Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS). Iowa is currently one […]

Iowa Next Generation Science Standards Task Force Votes to Approve

I left the Next Generation Science Standards task force meeting at the Science Center of Iowa in Des Moines early.  I didn’t think there was going to be a vote taken today.  I was wrong. A friend called me and this is how the vote broke down: 11 members voted to approve without reservations. 7 […]

Iowa’s Next Generation Science Standards Public Survey Results

I received yesterday a copy of the results of a public survey that the Iowa Department of Education ran on Survey Monkey for the Next Generation Science Standards.  It was dominated by educators as one would probably expect.  It asked several questions where respondents had to share narrative answers.  It should not be considered a […]