Huge Day for Educational Liberty

The education reform conference committee released their report this morning and the Iowa House voted 91-0 and the Iowa Senate voted 40-10 in favor of it.  Governor Branstad is expected to sign the measure when it hits his desk.  A recap on what this bill does for school choice – it’s basically a deregulation bill. […]

Why Not Let Parents Teach Their Kids to Drive?

The Iowa House in their education reform bill, HF 215,  passed a number of educational liberty items, one of which is giving parents the ability to teacher drivers’ education for their children.  This is currently being debated in the conference committee, and it is something that the homeschooling community has wanted for years.  The editorial […]

Iowa Republican Legislators Stand for Educational Freedom

Just an update about yesterday’s conference committee on education reform up at the Iowa State House.  Iowa House Republicans said they’d be willing to do 4% allowable growth this year and next IF the Iowa Senate Democrats would accept their bill (HF 215) with the educational freedom measures as is. Then you have Senate Education […]

Iowa House Approves School Tuition Organization Tax Credit Increase

The Iowa House passed HF 625 yesterday on a 96-2 vote with two members being absent.  This bill increases the School Tuition Organization (STO) credit cap from $8.75 million to $12 million.  The bill also adds Sub S corporations and LLCs to the list of qualified donors. School Tuition Organizations are charitable organizations that raise […]

Homeschoolers in Iowa Do NOT Need to Consent to Data Mining

The greatest form of local control is parental control in education.  The Nevada Community School District needed to be reminded by the Home School Legal Defense Association that homeschooling parents didn’t need to participate in the data mining the school district is involved in: Via the HSLDA website shared about contact they had with James […]