Iowa Governor Branstad Puts Smarter Balanced on Hold

KWWL reports that Iowa Governor Terry Branstad has asked the Iowa Department of Education to freeze the move to Smarter Balanced “for now.”

Iowa State Board of Ed Decides It Can Select New Assessment

At its June retreat the Iowa State Board of Education decided it had the authority to change Iowa’s assessment from the Iowa Assessments to Smarter Balanced

The Smarter Balanced Assessment Was Created for Teacher Evaluations

The grant funding Smarter Balance Assessment development required that the test be specifically created to produce data to evaluate teachers and principals.

Iowa State Board of Education Endorses Smarter Balanced

The Iowa State Board of Education passed a resolution endorsing the Smarter Balanced Assessments, but it is ultimately up to the Iowa Legislature to decide.

Waukee Schools tie Iowa Assessment to Class Registration

In an email this week, Waukee parents received the following information regarding Iowa Assessments: It is Iowa Assessment time! Thank you for working with your son/daughter to make sure they are well rested and fed before these important assessments. Here are some reasons to consider the importance of the assessments: 1. The results are feedback […]